Baby oven

We are having a baby! Holey Moley! Mieka is growing a human! She’s a baby oven! A cosmic email download box! So much exciting to fit into one year. Due date is March 9 and we can’t wait for our little daughter to be brought into this world.  It isn’t easy, and sometimes it isn’t pretty. Plenty of arguments, and debacles have occurred. Mieka has felt much pain and discomfort, but thru it all time washes over these things and a beautiful new life begins to grow.   

i wrote down these word below one evening while sitting next to Mieka in bed at the hot springs. From our room there you can hear the flowing water just beyond the bedroom wall. It’s a magical place. 

 “She is a starship. A galactic vessel transporting precious cargo from the cosmos to this place called earth. And I, her co-pilot. Exciting time as we prepare for arrival of this star seed. New life, with new eyes, ears, and mind that will experience a world far different from the one we have. But we are merely time travelers, making our way from then till now. Waiting on our next ship to come in.”