Absolute curtains debut at desert daze

 “Absolute Curtains” the 7th and final installment of these fabric giants. a 3 year chapter of my life.  An ode to air, and awakening of the spirit winds.


Part art installation, part spirit realm the intention put into every moment of this manifestation was soulful, and true.

The Etherial Architecture of Absolute Curtains created a very large space (100ft x 20ft) made up of 18 textile monoliths in 3 concentric circles ( 3 . 6 . 9 ) with a hexagon deck in the center.  We were nestled in the womb like shelter, surrounded by our living, breathing, guardians.  Using a 6 point hexophonic sound system A Sonic Odyssey took place which touched upon key moments in musical history, iconic interviews, field recordings, and soundscapes from all over the world.  Collaborator Caleb Townsend, and sound engineer John Clements made the aural side of the installation possible. 

Huge thanks to Mason Rothschild, Phil Pirrone for trusting in the vision and funding the project.

The team that made it possible:
Peter Albrecht, Mieka Ginsburg, Clark Treese, John Michael, Xavi Valerino, Corey Fedor, Caleb Townsend, John Clements and many more. 
This has been a long beautiful journey. I thank everyone who has appreciated the many facets of this simple & elegant manifestation.

This installations is currently being stored at the Hi-Lo Homestead in Landers, CA If you would like to purchase part or all of the curtains reach out.
The dream is to see it installed for a few month run at a museum, or public park. If you have links to make that happen please reach out.