Droplet is the 2nd installment within the Aspen Grace children’s park & sculpture garden. 

Standing at 10ft tall and 4ft deep droplet’s function is to be a reading nook, chill space, nature observation & meditation station.

On the surface, Its simple. A wooden box with a cutout. Made from locally sourced and milled Utah lumber. However It’s form holds deeper intrinsic concepts...

Droplet is equal parts masculine & feminine. The exterior structure is a strong rectangular monolith reaching up towards the sky, while the interior negative space is a warm curved womb. Together they make up a well balanced shiloutette exemplifying the visual, auditorial, and emotional beauty of the nature surrounding it. One, two, or even four people can fit inside at One time.   

Nestled in a pine, fur, and aspen forest Aspen grace Park is splayed by two ski runs, and intersected by a bike trail.  Droplet and other sculptures allow for an intentional, or accidental encounter with time spent in nature. 


Imagined by Prescott Mccarthy  

fabricated by Prescott & crew : Matt Yerge, Sandor Joza, Joseph Blake, Dax Clifford

Funded by Shane Gadbow

summer 2018, Utah

—————————💧 —————————

The experience:  

After years of seed planting, and a month of conceptualization, we built droplet in 4 days. The lumber was sourced down in the valley in a town called beaver Utah. There is a local mill there that had been running since the 80s. They donated all the slat wood for the cause.  We fabricated droplet out of 2x4 framing and 1/2” ply. we then wrapped everything in Tyvex to waterproof. 8 inches of gravel was poured at the base of the install for water drainage and we set 4x4s from each corner 2 feet into the ground and poured concrete Pilons.  The most fun part next to seeing the finished product was driving it the two miles from the warehouse  up to its resting place in the forest. Using a 12k vertical reach forklift we drove it right up the two lane highway. Once we made it to the ski slopes we rose droplet 60 feet into the air with a few of us in it and ate a lunch of kipper snacks and crackers with a fabulous view 6 stories up. (-;  (all pics below) 

once installed we sealed the wood with Tounge oil and placed two color changing solar lights at the base. 

You can experience droplet for yourself at eagle point ski resort.