Aspen Grace

Aspen Grace is a Childrens Park and Sculpture garden. Named after the first child born at Eagle Point.   



This project has been an all time high for me. It is the first opportunity someone has asked me to create something permanent.  

When finished The Park will consist of 8 sculptures, and a dozen other functional features.  

On a basic level the park consists of  a place for children to play, families to gather, teens to wander, and elders to stroll.  A children’s park for children of all ages.

On an artistic level the park is multi disciplinary, dualistic, and well balanced. Consisting of Two main themes, masculine/feminine, and cycles/seasons. 

The Park is located in a 1/4 mile stretch of trees splayed between ski runs, with a Bike path weaving thru the middle.  It is best accessible from the Aspen Crest area. 

You can experience the Park for yourself at Eagle Point Ski Resort.