The Glass House was created for a group show at PYO Gallery.  Based around the context of "Text"  I built the house in Joshua tree, and then transported to 5 locations around Southern California. Desert, Beach, Forest, LACMA, and PYO.  In each location I would sit and write poetry in a form of off the cuff creative flow I call "Location based Inspiration". 
In addition to creating the 50+ collection of work I recorded a 5-10 minute video from the 1st person view of the typist (myself) with a 360˚camera at each location.  At the show I had a VR headset for viewers to put on and sit within the glass house, fully transporting them to the time and place of inception of the work.  

With this I bridged the gap of old analog technology (typewriter) with new futuristic tech (Virtual Reality). In a way I believe has never before been done. 

The Glass House
PYO Gallery DTLA
Curated by Carmen Zella & NOWART