Utah born, Desert bound. 

I am an artist, & designer.  I enjoy making things, and discussing ways to change the world thru art and expression. 


Artist statement

I strive to create wonder, awe, curiosity, function, science, historical reverence, and storytelling into my artwork.  The material doesn't so much matter, the mediums i work with are vast. The locations, and objects tend to inform each installation.  

I play with a fundamental belief of the work, the art, the creation, wanting to be birthed into this universe beyond our control. Each "Idea" is merely looking for a host to plant its seed and become form, sweet fertile form.  I have a poem that explains this concept:

"a writer knows its words like a zebra knows its stripes...    
and in the brush, ideas lie... awaiting time to STRIKE" 

Its a playful concept that as creatives we are merely prey to our "ideas" its not our choice to execute these objectives it is by force of our own desires to create greatness that we become work horses of the aether. putting in our blood, sweat, money, and time into the birth of ideas into reality.

As you go about your day today I will leave you with this:

"Today is an adventure.  Each page is choose your own.
Will it be an action novel will you stay at home?
Will you ride on wonders wings to distant lands unknown?
Will you dance and laugh and sing, or will you go alone?

Will you wander past the path where pavement starts to end...
Or share a cup of tea with a stranger or a friend?
The choice is up to you, which journey do you see?
I've faith in yee' adventerer, that you'll choose wizeley."


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