Utah born, LA based.

I am a designer, fabricator, and artist.  I work hands on with clients, brands, and galleries to create works of art.  I love nature, food, and exploration.  I am always interested in challenging projects, and collaboration.  You can contact me anytime here.


Artist statement

My work strives to evoke inspiration, and nostalgia from the viewer. An homage to childhood, daydreams, and running thru the forest barefoot.

The mediums I choose are varying, but the conceptual protagonist remains the same, continual connection with the free spirited child within.  

My work can be separated into two categories; observational, and interactive. 
The observational works stimulate only one or two senses at any given time. They are visual or auditorial in nature and invite the viewer to digest its purpose from a far.
The Interactive works give a call to action inviting the viewer to become part of the art with often times complete sensorial immersion.