Restructuring the “6 Pillars of society.”

(An art project)

When I say, “I’d like to create a utopian society” the response is usually something like: “that’ll never work” or “Who do you think you are? Rajneesh? Next you’ll have us wearing all maroon!” But if I say: I want to create a decade long art project to see if we can transform a rural town from a right winged, coal burning, importer of all commerce; Into an open minded community of cultural fusion, with arts as a vital role in daily life, Powered by renewable energy, with a truly localized food & materials industry. A town with its own form of crypto currency that separates the local monetary system from the artificially printed Federal Reserve note, an intuitive, & experiential school system, and policing system that doesn’t need ticket quotas to pay wages. What then?
Well, whatever happens, fail or succeed, As long as it is documented and consciously curated, then it is art if we say it is. And very well may be the “R.MUTT Fountain” of a new age of art where “experiential exhibitions” are no longer confined to within the walls of a Meow Wolf Warehouse, they are expanded into daily life and practice. Art is Life, Life is art. We here to spark a creative revolution.

- The 6 Pillars -

  1. Power

    Creating a 100% reusable energy power grid. Where the profits from monthly power bills come back to the community rather than a privatized corporation. This revenue goes directly back to funding schools, parks, arts, Peace officers, etc…
    *Monroe is already equipped with its own city run power company. This is a big deal. Monroe Power currently has 20% of their power coming from a local micro hydro plant up Monrovian canyon. The other 80% they buy from other power companies in the form of coal power.

  2. Food

    Monroe’s slogan is “The little Green Valley” Its a lush fertile land with flowing water and successful agriculture.
    We will work together with local farmers to Transform the valley of corn, and hay into more diversified crops of fruits veggies & meats.
    The goal will be to see how much of the local market can be locally sourced. With the acquisition of the Creamery, a 12,000 sqft food grade factory we have set ourself’s up for a local production facility that can produce all the grocery store staples that normally get plastic packaged & shipped across the county. chips, crackers, bread, hummus, salsa, ketchup, mustard, etc… all the necessities people cant have without. With our passionate millennial will power, the days of the craftsman have come back & we will curate inspired individuals to oversee these various food & beverage industries.

  3. Money

    Creating a crypto based monetary system within the community that allows for anyone to exchange cash for “Tokens” at a hand full of local ATM’s. With tokens, you can purchase anything you can with cash at the grocery store, hardware store, cafe, hot springs etc… The greenback will still be prevalent, and used by both locals and tourists, but the option to trade in cash for tokens allows you to, for example, save 2% on every purchase. This incentive draws people into using a monetary system that isn’t cash. Why? Because it plants the seed of moving to a localized state of financial security.
    (this isn’t something overly important now, but may become an vital practice for the future such in the case of If our govt. moves toward a cashless economy. As Sweden has already done.)

  4. Schooling

    Introducing a new form of intuitive & experiential learning.

  5. government

    Par taking in the local government, working with the local community, Restructuring & rebranding the policing system. think *Peace Officers

  6. religion

    Can we create a global religion? One with planetary wellbeing as its sole intention.
    Where better to start than an extremely Religious town!?

Well There are surely many questions, issues, tweaks, and blank zones to figure out, and fill in. But there’s the gist of it.