The scope of this umbrella organization “the Odyssey Project” is vast. It is about the continuous journey, and for the betterment of humanity.
We can transform society, at an alarming rate using Art as our language. Bigger messages can be seen, heard, and understood thru Art.
And as we learned from Duchamp in 1904, If we say its art, It is. So some of the more lofty projects below can happen, as long as we call them “art”.

the global artist alliance

An interconnected web of safe houses, & residencies has begun to form. Greece, Sri Lanka, Bali, Mexico, Southern Ca, Northern Ca, Utah, NY…
Still in the seedling phase these properties will continue to expand, and their uses in our broader Alliance will become clearer.


A non profit needs to be created to house multiple Artist Residencies, create Giant Rock Radio as a FCC approved Community Radio Station, and many more facets as they become clear. The legalities around non profits have made them much easier to attain as long as they make less than 50k annually for the first 3 years. I would like to apply for one this winter and have it functioning by May 2020

Hi-lo homestead

The Hi-Lo Homestead is the flagship property. A 5 acre spread with workshop, venue, radio station, lodging, micro farm, and 3 acre sculpture garden. It will host an Artist Residency Program, Wizard School, and act as a venue for gatherings of many kinds within the music, and arts world.

  • Museum of Nowhere Imparticular

    The 3 acre sculpture garden will be open to the public for the next 5 or so years. there will be a parking meter style pay booth that allows people to swipe a card or use an app to turn on power for minutes at a time activating the sound and lighting of the installations. ( yes, *Imparticular )

  • Giant Rock Radio
    Giant Rock Radio will be an above ground (legal) truly community radio station that broadcasts to the Landers valley, & Streaming online globally. It will gain a somewhat cult following as it gains traction.

  • Hi-Lo Frequencies

    The Trailer that houses the radio station will also be equipped with a full digital/analog recording studio. We will be putting out content thru our own label. We will also record live shows on the outdoor stage within The Bone Yard.

  • The Bone Yard

    A nitty gritty outdoor venue at the Hi-Lo Homestead that will house GRR & host local shows, along with secret performances by top caliber musicians.

  • Hi-Lo AIR

We will host 4 paid residencies ongoing through out the year either thru a membership program, or one time use. We will also host one curated residency bi-monthly. Focusing on a balance of artists from all walks of life, gender, and ethnicity. We will look to curate artists who use their practice as a voice for planetary advancements.

  • Shop Class

    A workshop series teaching the basics of wood, metal, masonry, heavy machinery & more. Thru each project we will also share insights into shop design, organizational skills, mindfulness, reclamation, restoration, & creative thinking etc.

  • Shop Talk

    The Online & Open source version of the shop class series. A Youtube channel devoted to How to’s, Tool Talk, Build hacks, DIY Projects & all things maker.

the landers experiment

A valley wide arts festival taking place in Landers, California. With the beta version taking place fall 2020
we will host 6-10 artists for 10-14 days to create sculptures, performance art, Audio Installations, etc…
The Art will be installed around the Valley at various Properties all owned, or connected to the OP.
We will Host tours of the Art via art cars & Land Yachts with maps available at Moon Wind, GRMR & other local staples.
The Festival will coincide with HWY62 Studio art tours which has an already established audience of 15k over the month of October.
The Art, Artists, Collectors, and Visitors will all be part of the bigger “Experiment” Which will go as follows:

  1. We purchase as many properties through out the Landers valley as we can. (I have an up to date & ongoing list compiled from my realtor)

  2. We create a spectacle of the art fair. With a film festival, & music festival to follow.

  3. By Year 2 we will be published in every new outlet from NY times, & LA times, to Juxtapose & Playboy. (with help from people we know tied to such publications)
    All with front page articles reading something along the lines of “Landers, The coolest town in America”

    see where I’m going with this yet…?

  4. By the time the Black suits from LA come in to swoop up the land and out price the artists we will have already beat them to their own game. We will have Beaten the Gentrification model from the inside. We will hold the keys to the town, being able to curate who we want moving in.
    For every overpriced desert lot we sell we can sell one at cost to an artist, or low income individual. It also Provides the opportunity for the artists who are part of the fair to get stock equity in the town they helped put on the map.

  5. We will create an in-house design firm & construction company to build homes on the lots we sell.
    It is difficult working with the county here. And there doesn’t seem to be a viable construction company. So… We will design 4-5 model homes (likely Pre fab Container houses) that once we get one passed thru the county we will be able to replicate easily and quickly. They Can be made here in the valley and transported to each lot where a pad has been poured and septic system installed.

The Goal of this “experiment” is not to become filthy rich; though it may become a bi-product.
The goal is to create a model that puts the power into the hands of the artists & creatives that historically move into an impoverished area, do what they do best (beautify) and then get out priced, and kicked out by the business savvy corporate greed machine.

My one and only lecture was in 2016 at Symbiosis Gathering. It was titled:
“Art drives culture, creative revolution in the modern age.”
It was a seedling of this concept, and 3 years later the vision is getting stronger with the help of fellow co-creators, co-conspirators, and visionaries.

monroe utah

Monroe is a picturesque 2000 person, quaint, all American town smack dab in the middle of rural Utah. Its current inhabitance consist of 99.9% republican, religious, right wing, conservatives. The perfect spot to start a revolution! It is in this town that we will start another experiment.
The beta model for a reimagined society by restructuring the “6 Pillars of society.”







Currently Mieka’s Family owns Mystic Hot Springs. A destination hot springs for people all over the world. Over the next decade we will be giving the Property a whole new facelift transforming it into a retreat center, farm, and Permaculture school. On the south end of Main Street we purchased a 4000sqft, 2 story store front. It was the original Mercantile from the town built in 1879. The building sits on Main & Center. The heart of town. We will be opening a Cafe, Coffee shop, & Gallery. The Culture hub. The artist magnet. A flickering lighthouse to wayward dreamers that says “you’ve made it home. Welcome.”
On the north end of Main St. Miekas father purchased the original 1920’s creamery from the town. In its hay day this 12,000 sqft facility produced cheese, dried milk, & bottled milk from all the farms in the surrounding area of southern Utah. It has sat derelict for 60+ years. We are renovating it to become another culture hub. Maker space, Venue, Museum, shops, restaurant, indoor farmers market, Film location, rental retail & studio space. Between these 3 keystones a strong foundation is built to rapidly expand Monroes creative population to become a thriving artist community in a matter of years. That is all the easy part. What we do next is the real experiment. AKA “art project”

Eagle point

Eagle Point is about as Pristine a Mountain range as you can find. Picture the sound of music, meets Fern Gulley, with dashes of the Hobbit, Narnia, oh and with great skiing.
A group of us have purchased over 10 conjoined lots in a valley 1 mile downhill from the Ski Resort where we plan to build a community. The Land butts up to National Forest to the North & East which means our backyards are endless untouched Nature. My 1 acre parcel has a year round creek and 2 mountain springs we can drink from.
I plan to start a 2nd chapter of the Wizard school here for the children, but also for adults.
Primitive skills, foraging, hunting & gathering. Bringing it all back to our roots. Building will take place too. falling timber, cabin building, cable bridges…
The Owner of the Ski Resort, Shane Gadbow has become a close friend. I am midway through creating a 1/4 mile children’s park, sculpture garden, & nature walk. Shane has a new development that broke ground last year and there is lots of potential for real estate investment there.
It is also a unique place because it is so remote. You can really feel it when your there. It is a true Respite from society. A place to tune out and rejuvenate.

That is all for now. These plans, and ideas are all past germination & propagation, and have begun to sprout. They will be growing over the coming decade, how quickly depends on the team, and finances to help them along.
I cannot do this alone, and hope to have you be part of this journey. Adding your own flavor to the pot, and chapters to the story.


- There is no one There is no other There is only. -